Applying pressure to relieve anxiety has been a common practice in humans for years.  The benefits of using compression gear has now made its way over to pets.  Wearing a compression ZOOMIE Suit is similar to the “swaddling” concept used with infants and those with Autism.  It works by using compressive material to apply consistent, light pressure to reduce anxiety and promote confidence.  In some pets the confidence produced leads to new found energy.

Our ZOOMIE Suits are all made of four way stretch materials.  These allows for the maximum amount of stretch around a dog’s chest and neck.  ZOOMIE Suits fit most pets.  Of course there will always be a few exceptions.

The Polyester, Nylon and Spandex blend fabrics we use are of the highest quality.  These fabrics contain fibers which have UV absorbers.  The chemical structure of these fibers boosts sun protection ability.

Yes!  ZOOMIE Suits are designed to fit so nothing important is covered when it comes to potty time.  Assess the fit when you first try it on your pet and if the suit falls close to the penis, make sure the fabric is not covering or restricting in anyway.  Otherwise your pet is free to potty in style!

Honestly, we wanted to put our creative spin on things and create a stylish but functional solution for pets.  We’re known for our bright abstract patterns but we also carry solid color ZOOMIE Suits.

Some pets will take right to our suits.  Others may need more of an introduction if opposed to wearing the suit at first.  It’s always best to use a slow, positive introduction technique if your pet is having trouble adjusting to the suit.


Here are some tips to help your pet get comfortable with ZOOMIE Suits.


~Start by associating the ZOOMIE suit with a reward and praise.  Allow your pet to sniff the suit and immediately give a treat and through a “Good Girl or Boy” in there.  Continue with this positive engagement until your pet seems comfortable.


~Try placing the ZOOMIE Suit over your pet’s head and leave resting around their neck.  Reward and praise.  Then take the suit back off.  Reward and praise.  Continue this routine for a few days.  Your pet should become more used to the suit at this point.


~Once your pet has no problem with the suit resting on their neck, move to placing it on all the way.  Make sure to offer verbal praise during the whole process.  Then once it’s on, have a PRAISE PARTY. Whoot, Whoot!!!


~Wearing the suit for shorter more frequent times when first introducing it can help your pet adjust to the feeling of light, constant pressure.

We recommend usage for a few hours at a time.  It’s great during thunderstorms or anything that may cause your pet anxiety.  It’s also great for swimming, hiking and everyday use.  We do recommend that you DON’T leave the suit on overnight.  Allowing your pet time without the suit on as well is important.  If you feel your pet becomes to hot with suit on, remove.  When first using a ZOOMIE suit don’t leave your pet unattended until you know how they react to wearing the suit.

Absolutely!  Our suits can be worn during swimming.  In fact a lot of our customers use them for Dock Diving events to help their pet stand out and create an image! The fabrics we use dry very quickly.  Once your pet is done swimming we recommend removing the suit and letting it air dry.

All of our ZOOMIE Suits are hand wash or delicate cycle in the washer.  Air, line dry only.  Our suits will shrink if placed in the dryer.  Over time and use some of our Holographic patterns may start to fade.  It’s just what happens with heavy use of fabrics.

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