• Renee Mills, CCRP

Calming, Anti-Anxiety Gear for Pets by ZoomiePetZ

Updated: May 24, 2019

So exactly how does compression gear for pets work? Today we'll focus on the concept of anxiety and how a conservative approach for our pets can be effective.

Applying pressure to relieve anxiety has been a common practice in humans for years.  The benefits of using compression gear has now made its way over to pets.  Wearing a compression ZOOMIE Suit is similar to the “swaddling” concept used with infants and those with Autism. 

It works by using compressive material to apply consistent, light pressure to reduce anxiety and promote confidence.  In some pets the confidence produced leads to new found energy or Zoomies.

Thunderstorms, loud noises, and fireworks are all common triggers to make our pets anxious. Helping them to feel safe and secure can go along way 🐾

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