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Healthy Habits for a Fit Pup

Updated: May 8, 2019

Let's dive right into a few key factors which play a role in your dog's overall health.

Remembering that your pet needs a well-balanced diet is very important. Speak with your Veterinarian to make sure your pup is receiving the correct number of calories on a daily basis based on their activity level. Whether you’re trying to have your pet lose weight, gain muscle and strength or just stay at a healthy weight, knowing exactly what and how much you’re feeding is key. Watch out for fatty treats. Many treats contain too much fat and will significantly increase your pet’s calorie intake. Always make sure you’re accurately measuring how much you’re feeding. Check out the healthy treat ideas listed below and discuss with your Veterinarian to see if their right for your pup!!

Green Beans, Baby Carrots, Bananas, Cheerios, Blueberries, Strawberries, Clementine’s and Oranges (no seeds or rines), Apple Slices (no seeds or rines) and Broccoli just to name a few!!

Make Sure to Stay Away from: Grapes, Raisins, and Onions

Their TOXIC to Dogs

Stretching and Massage

Just like people, dogs need to properly stretch before strenuous activities to prevent injuries and to promote proper joint and muscle health. Utilizing these techniques in the correct way can provide a bonding experience with your pet and optimize their joint range of motion during walking and running. Familiarize yourself with correct techniques that work best with your pet. I know they’ll give you extra kisses for a good massage!!

Structured Exercise

I cannot stress the importance of using structured exercises and timed walks enough. Knowing your pet’s limits and how to safely add exercise workouts into their lifestyle is key. Every pet can benefit from exercises. Structured exercises will increase muscle strength, flexibility and endurance levels. Simple things such as having your pet sit and stand 5 times at the beginning and end of every walk can make a real difference in their hind leg strength. Knowing how to properly exercise your pet is key to maintaining good health!

Remember to always consult with your Veterinarian before making any dietary changes and to discuss if your pet is health enough for exercise.


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